Bilingual Tutoring

This is a uniquely designed program for English and Spanish language learners.

Whether your child is learning Spanish or English as a second language, or even attends a bilingual school, keeping up on assignments in two languages can be difficult. That’s why our team offers bilingual tutoring classes to K-12 students in English and Spanish.

Age range

5 — 17 years

Class duration (min.)

30, 45 or 60

This student attends a Spanish immersion school in Indiana and Spanish is his second language.

Main differentiation

Online bilingual academic tutoring that’s led by certified, bilingual teachers is very difficult to find. Most language schools simply provide bilingual tutors who aren’t actual teachers.

Course structure

Meets on a weekly basis based on student’s availability. Live video classes are recorded, shared with parents, and monitored for quality. Activities are assigned between classes on Google Classroom.


  • Personalized, 1-on-1 bilingual instruction tailored to your child's academic needs.
  • Master academic concepts in English and Spanish.
  • Support completing homework assignments and projects.
  • Improve academic proficiency in a second language.