Online Bilingual Tutoring

Improve grades and fluency in two languages

Bilingual tutoring gives students the opportunity to learn a new language while improving their grades at the same time. Our bilingual tutors help increase student comprehension of academic assignments in English by using the student’s native language (Spanish, French, or Mandarin) as support. Not only do students begin to master challenging academic concepts in two languages, but their confidence and fluency increases as well. Discover our unique approach to online bilingual education through live, 1-on-1 and small group lessons with private bilingual tutors.

Course Structure:

Pick class times that fit around your student’s lifestyle. Our private bilingual tutors will customize every lesson to your student’s interests and goals, and provide the support and motivation necessary to succeed.

Age range

5 — 17 years

Class duration (min.)

30, 45 or 60

Spanish-English Bilingual Tutoring
French-English Bilingual Tutoring
Mandarin-English Bilingual Tutoring

Why study with Bilingual Bridges?

What is bilingual tutoring like?

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