Looking for math classes for an elementary or middle school student?

Live, online math classes with an experienced, professional math tutor is the way to go. Based on goals, interests, and scheduling preferences, we’ll match your child with a math tutor who will customize lessons to push your child toward mastery!

Age range

5 — 13 years

Class duration (min.)

30, 45 or 60

Main differentiation

  • Curriculum, lessons, and activities are customized for each student.
  • Biweekly assessments ensure students are on-track toward meeting their goals.
  • Led by certified teachers.

Course structure

Meets on a weekly basis based on student’s availability. Live video classes are recorded, shared with students, and monitored for quality. Activities are assigned between classes on Google Classroom.


  • Personalized, 1-on-1 mathematics instruction tailored to the student's interests and goals.
  • Teachers are creative, enthusiastic, and classes are engaging.
  • Teachers carefully assess each student's mathematics skills to identify learning gaps, which are then prescriptively targeted during lessons.