Reading and Writing

Live, online classes for kids in grades K-12.

Each student is matched with a certified, professional teacher who is focused on helping students improve their literacy skills, while inspiring a love of learning. Younger children learn basic phonics and emergent literacy skills, while older students develop reading comprehension skills and learn to write essays.

Age range

5 — 17 years

Class duration (min.)

30, 45 or 60

Main differentiation

  • Curriculum, lessons, and activities are customized for each student.
  • Biweekly assessments ensure students are on-track toward meeting their goals.
  • Led by certified teachers.
  • Our method has shown to move students up a full grade level within 1 semester of instruction.

Course structure

Meets on a weekly basis based on student’s availability. Live video classes are recorded, shared with students, and monitored for quality. Activities are assigned between classes on Google Classroom.


  • Personalized, 1-on-1 literacy instruction tailored to the student's interests and goals.
  • Teachers are creative, enthusiastic, and classes are engaging.
  • Teachers carefully assess each student's reading and writing skills to identify learning gaps, which are then prescriptively targeted during lessons.