Do you know what a foreign accent is? It’s a sign of bravery.

Amy Chua

As the world becomes increasingly globalized, bilingualism may now be the most useful real-world skill to ever exist. For our students who have made the effort to learn a foreign language, we recognize their efforts and are grateful for the kind words they have shared about their experience with Bilingual Bridges.

Bilingual Bridges review from Meirong (image)

Dr. Meena B.

“Bilingual Bridges is amazing. The teachers work tirelessly for their students to ensure that they’re receiving the most out of their experience and education. The knowledge and expertise of this team is unmatched!”

Bilingual Bridges review from Mona (image)

Mona B.

“We are so happy with our sons’ Spanish lessons. Barbara is very well educated and I am grateful for the one-on-one, unique teaching experience my children are receiving in learning a second language. Bilingual Bridges has exceeded our expectations!”

Renettra, testimonial (image)

Renettra M.

“Kelly is an excellent teacher. She know Spanish very well and knows how to teach it in a way that makes it fun and understandable. Classes are engaging and I look forward to the next lesson. She teaches skills that are practical and help you use these skills in everyday settings.”

Bilingual Bridges review from Meirong (image)

Meirong H.

“My daughter, Tina, has studied English with Kelly for nearly two years. She is such a great teacher and Tina has improved dramatically in all aspects of her English—not only speaking and listening, but also reading and writing.”

Bilingual Bridges review from A. Speer (image)

Monica A.
Speer Academy, Chicago

“I’ve seen the Bilingual Bridges teachers deliver classes in a phenomenal way. They’re engaging and I love the results I’ve seen with my students! The collective feedback I’ve received from them has been very positive!”

Bilingual Bridges review from Ashton (image)

Ashton A.

“Bilingual Bridges matched me with the perfect teacher. Xiaojie does an incredible job reviewing materials and teaching me new things. The classroom platform is so convenient, too. I love my classes and am grateful for the opportunity to improve my Chinese skills!”

Bilingual Bridges review from Chris W. (image)

Chris W.

“These classes are exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’m getting great practice with a helpful teacher, Ana. She helps me feel capable, knowledgeable, and confident to use the Spanish skills I’m learning. Classes are fun and I always look forward to the next.”

Bilingual Bridges review from Yeo-Eun (image)

Yeo-eun H.
South Korea

“My son is very interested in his classes with Barbara and he has a lot of fun with her! Barbara creates a welcoming classroom, is very knowledgeable, and my son has been feeling more confident when he speaks English!”